Lil Wayne I Am Still Music Concert Review

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After sitting through not one, but three opening acts on Friday night at the Molson Ampitheatre I was expecting a huge payoff. There’s only so much one can take of Lloyd’s abs or Keri Hilson’s golden-everything before getting irked, but Lil’ Wayne proved again that he’s worth waiting for.

This was Lil’ Wayne’s third and final stop in the Canadian leg of his tour after making his debut in Ottawa and avoiding a pepper spray attack in Montreal. His “I Am STILL Music” tour, which originally featured Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross (who was mysteriously absent in Toronto) has been going steady for 6 months and after a few changes to the opening acts, Tunechi came back to the Molson Amphitheater.

Performing to an almost-capacity crowd, Lil’ Wayne waited until the cover of night to take the stage at 9:30 and preform a 2 hour set that saw him touch on every one of his recent albums; No Ceilings,I Am Not A Human Being, We Are Young Money, Rebirth, Carter 3 and a sampling of Carter 4.
He started off high tempo with “I’m Going In” and “Look At Me Now” and didn’t look back, going so far as to bring out a skateboard and ‘ride’ it during “A Mili”. His energy was electric, whether he was exciting the crowd by skipping from one side of the stage to the other during “Got Money’”or bouncing to his own cadence on “6 Foot 7″, the dreaded rapper was running around like he spent the day treating himself to donut burgers and deep-fried butter at The Ex.

Between the avalanche of songs, Weezy managed to get the audience involved in creative ways. It’s not often you’ll see an artist tell the crowd to be quiet if their pussy stinks or they were on their period … but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Lil’ Wayne was in the city just 3 weeks ago to help his protege Drake with the annual OVO Fest, but this time around it was the Toronto-native making the surprise appearance to help out with “I’m On One” and “Miss Me”. You could cut the bromance on stage with a knife, and just when you thought you were about to see some penetration, Drake and Wayne left to get a drink backstage (orange juice).

After a brief costume change that consisted of a shirt removal and the addition of some heavily 90′s inspired shorts, Wayne serenaded the crowd with the help of his fuck-buddy Shanell. Say what you will about Lil’ Wayne, but he was born to preform (and air hump) and the women in the crowd seemed to enjoy his “How To Love” rendition in which he thanked his daughter Reginae Carter.

The Young Money goons were surprisingly absent with only Mack Maine being in attendance. He took advantage of the rare opportunity to be in the spotlight by rapping Jae Millz’ verse as well as his own on “Every Girl” and “Bedrock”.

A rockstar he is not, but Wayne still shredded the ax with his band for an impressive amount of time. The beauty in Weezy’s shows is that he preforms with a live band that is consistently on-point and adds a flavor to his songs that you can’t hear on your iPod, but the Beast goes by the name of 4our5ive, (I know right?) Wayne’s hypeman/DJ.

The night was wrapped up with an acapella rendition of his Carter 4 track, “Nightmares From The Bottom”, before he brought Corey Gunz to the stage to preform the predictable finale; “6 Foot 7″.

No Love
I’m Going In – NAHB
Look At Me Now – Mix
Bill Gates -NAHB
Right Above It – NAHB
A Milli – C3
Got Money – C3
Go DJ – C
Swag Surfing – NoC
Wasted – No C
Ice Cream – No C
Motivation – Mix
My Button
Hair Down My Back
John – C4
I’m on One – Mix
Steady Mobbin’ – WRYM
Mr. Carter – C3
Miss Me – Drake
Mrs. Officer – C3
Single – NAHB
Lollipop – C3
How to Love – C4
Every Girl – WRYM
BedRock – WRYM
Drop the World – Rebirth
Prom Queen – Rebirth
Nightmares of the Bottom – C4
6 Foot 7 Foot – C4

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